When it comes to make-up and accessories manicure/pedicure, image is everything. The packaging helps to build this image, transmitting and enhancing the characteristics of the product. On the other hand, it must also succeed in preserving the quality of the product, maintaining its characteristics unaltered over time. This is why, C.G.A. Caldara srl designs and creates packagings with a fascinating shape, guaranteeing a strong visual impact, but also functionality and able to extend the products’ life. We study all kind of solutions in-house in order to create the correct design and appeal of the products for every need.

Quality control

Having started as a manufacturing company, C.G.A. Caldara srl pays particular attention to the high quality of both MADE IN ITALY and imported products; thanks to its experience in the sector, the company always keeps up with the times and with the developments in this field. Today C.G.A. Caldara srl has developed a very strong import network and this is why it stands out for the quality offered and the imported products carefully controlled in its Italian headquarters. C.G.A. Caldara srl, in addition to internal checks, also relies on international accredited bodies in order to guarantee the suitability ans safety of the products sold.